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Let’s Shut Off The Curtain


let’s shut off the black curtain
stop the staging
of the zarzuela of stupidities
of illusions and deceits
already unmasked
are the charlatanic
scheming “holy” bastards
of this putrid,wormy guild
of the obnoxious ruling class
is there anyone who’ll confess
he marauded the kitchen
of the masses of the land?

let’s shut off the black curtain
stop the show of inanities
for so long a time now
arid and quivering
are the people’s throats
they who are always short of food
short of clothes, short of money
no house, no piece of land
no nothing at all
while in the palace of plunderers
glutonnously feasting
are society’s pains in the ass.

let’s shut off the black curtain
what blockish shows you wish
to flaunt again
on the stage of moronic shits?
slumbering no more are the people
being awakened now
by the onslaught of penury and grief
even the swollen moon
stares like an indignant eye
while the country is gripped
by ghastly lurid nightmares
when the early dawn cracks a smile
what the people wish to see
is the efficacy of justice
severed heads dangling on clothesline
rows of bodies with torn flesh
squirting blood sprinkling the grass.

let’s shut off the black curtain
let flow on the stage
the blood of satanic men
let it water the withering dreams
of the masses continuously being oppressed
their sacred lives being transgressed
by the conscienceless ruling class.

let’s shut off the black curtain
“not all are sleeping in the darkness of night”
they are now opening their eyes
seething with rage are their brains
wishing to slash with their bolos
the shrubby path of their dreams
so their wretched lives metamorphose
and, alas, at last, they can smell
the sweet scent of joy and glory
in their beloved homeland!

(My English version of ISARA NA NATIN ANG TELON)


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